Denver Arts Festival

Denver Arts Festival

This past weekend was the Denver Arts Festival in Central Park and since it’s practically right on our doorstep, we were able to walk around the festival a couple of times. While I only bought a pair of earrings last year, this year I went home with two art prints and another new pair of earrings!

I'm going to share with you the artists I purchased from, as well as a few others I'm excited about.

Dana McDaniel

I was so excited to see Dana McDaniel at the festival again this year as she was who I purchased my earrings from last year. I couldn’t resist picking up another pair of earrings this year, too!

Dana’s artwork is glass, enamel, and mixed metal handmade jewelry. I’m always drawn to her booth because of how bright and colorful her jewelry is. You can find her jewelry pieces on her website, however it looks like they are not currently accepting any orders.

Jessica Mahan

Jessica’s passion for wildlife and nature is very apparent when walking into her booth. Her acrylic paintings of animals initially drew me into her booth. As I was flipping through the prints she had for sale, I fell in love with a colorful lion profile that was 8” x 10” in an 11” x 14” matting. I’m really excited about this print and I’m still unsure if I want to just put it in a white frame or maybe decorate a frame to match the color palette of the print…

I’m drawn more to Jessica’s animal portraits but she also makes some beautiful landscape paintings. She also does commissions of animals and landscapes (but no humans!). However, according to her instagram, commissions are currently closed so it’s best to check back later this year. Check out her website to see her artwork, events, and more.

Liz Miller

I am obsessed with how bright and vibrant Liz Miller’s paintings are. I had remembered seeing her booth last year but this year I just couldn’t resist picking up one of her prints. I ended up taking a “Born of Water” Limited Edition 10” x 20” print home with me and it ended up being my most expensive purchase at the festival this year.

Check out Liz Miller's website to see more of her art and a list of upcoming shows.

Other Artists

I didn’t buy anything from the following artists, but they were noteworthy enough for me to grab their business cards so that I can (hopefully) purchase from them in the future:

Mountain Mosaics

Their artwork was absolutely stunning to me. We were really drawn in by their mountain pieces that they unfortunately don’t have pictures of on their website. Their website seems to be incredibly out of date and it doesn’t look like they have much more of an online presence either.

Wild Lotus Photography

Photography isn't an artform that normally stands out to me but I remember seeing Samantha’s booth last year and I was once again pulled in this year by the beauty of her work. Her art is mostly close ups of flowers on a black background. It really makes the color of the various flowers really pop. I’m very interested in getting a print of hers sometime. Maybe next year! She also does photography for weddings and events. You can check out her pricing for that here.

Meow Lady Ceramics

Just by the name, I’m sure you could tell that I was interested in Morgan’s art. Her ceramic pieces are mostly minimalistic mugs with cat noses and whiskers in a variety of colors. She also has the same designs in little vases and pots, as well as without the kitty features. I’m kicking myself over not buying something from her as it looks like she is sold out of everything on her website currently.  Luckily, she has a list on her website of shows she will be selling at for the rest of the year so maybe I’ll be able to track her down again.

Overall, I had a great time at the Denver Arts Festival this year. They also had music, food, and beer but we decided to skip out on those (probably because I spent too much on art…). While their website could use some love, you can check it out to see the artists and more information on the event. The Denver Arts Festival is normally held annually over a weekend in May. I’m looking forward to going again next year!