Diamond Dotz Review - Moonlight Flight

Diamond Dotz Review - Moonlight Flight

I have never done a diamond "painting" before and to be honest, I never had much interest in it. That all changed when I was browsing the clearance section at a local craft store last month and found this pegacorn Diamond Dotz for $15!

The kit contained:
 • color printed fabric
 • 21 Diamond Dotz presorted and sealed by color
 • craft tray
 • stylus with soft grip
 • wax caddy
 • instruction sheet
 • 10 small resealable bags

The only thing the kit doesn't come with (but that I would recommend) is scissors. The presorted bags of Diamond Dotz can be torn open but I just immediately pictured myself ripping the bag open and the Diamond Dotz flying all across the room. The scissors also come in handy to cut out the colors printed on the bags for organization purposes.

The fabric has a key on both sides of the colors and symbols that they coordinate with. The design area on the fabric has adhesive and symbols printed on where to place the "diamonds." A plastic film covers the fabric since the adhesive can collect dust.

To start, I picked the darkest blue and poured them all into the craft tray. The first issue I ran into was when using the stylus tool. The instructions indicate that you press the head of the stylus into the wax firmly a few times and then use the tool to pick up the Dotz. I seemed to have a lot of trouble picking up the Dotz and it took me a while to realize that you don't just "firmly press" into the wax, you need to essentially scoop the wax into the stylus tool. The wax helps to pick up the Dotz but not as strongly as the adhesive on the fabric when you place it.

The first color took me about 45 minutes. When I was done, I poured the remaining dotz into one of the little baggies they provided. I also cut off the color's code to put in the baggie. This was really helpful to do with all of the colors because sometimes I would find symbols that I missed from a previous color.

The second problem I had was when I got to the A17 and A18 colors. The symbols they had were very similar (T and ↑) and they were always pretty close to each other. It seems like when designing this product that they would avoid putting similar symbols together especially with how small they are printed on the fabric.

The third problem, which might not really be a problem for others, is the fact that they only gave me 10 reusable baggies when there were 21 colors total. Luckily for me, I do a lot of beading and jewelry making so I have a ton of various sized small baggies that I was able to use for the rest of the colors.

Overall, it took me just over 30 hours to complete the whole design. You can see the breakdown of time spent on each color in the following charts:

I was able to get a frame for the piece for $24.99 so overall this project cost me about $45-50 with taxes. That amounts to about $1.46-$1.63 per hour of entertainment, which I think is a pretty good price! The original price of this Diamond Dotz kit is $40-50. I don't know if I'd ever buy one full price, especially if you need to buy a frame for it...

I enjoyed this Diamond Dotz so much that I've already ordered my next one! I'm hoping I can even do a timelapse video of it. Thanks for reading! :)