Learning to Crochet: Woobles and Fleece Blankets

I'm learning how to crochet (again!) with two projects. The first is a simple single crochet stitch border on fleece to make blankets and the second: WOOBLES!

Learning to Crochet: Woobles and Fleece Blankets

I've decided to learn how to crochet (again)! As a craft store employee, I have accumulated a small stash of yarn and fabric so I decided it was high time I actually made something with all of it. My employer also sells Woobles so I couldn't help but snag a few with my employee discount...

Fleece Blankets

Fleece is fairly inexpensive with my employee discount and more-so when I can find remnants. I thought that it would be good practice for me to make some simple fleece blankets with a single crochet stitch border. I did a little research and found this youtube video.

I borrowed my mom's rotary cutter and cutting mat and purchased a perforated blade to make the holes in the fleece remnants I had.

I always pre-wash my material and then trimmed it up to make it a nice even rectangle. I then cut the holes with the perforated blade about 1in from the edge. I cut a rounded edge on the corners of the fabric, grabbed my crochet hook (G/4mm), and started crocheting! I would fold the fabric over to make the edges look a bit nicer.

I've made three of these blankets so far, two of which are pictured above. As shown in the last picture, I really need to work on finishing off my pieces. They don't look so great but I'm still a beginner!


Woobles kits - photo borrowed from their website.

I'm obsessed with how cute Woobles are. We occasionally get the kits in at the craft store I work at and I couldn't help myself from buying a few (too many...). I initially started with their lion kit, but I realized it was marked as Beginner+ and I think I'm still just a beginner so I switched gears and decided to do Fred the Dinosaur first! (The dino also ended up being beginner+ but oh well)

Woobles kits are really pricey because they come with everything you need including the yarn, stitch markers, stuffing, tapestry needles, eyes, and crochet needle. The instructions are all online in video format - but you can also download/print written instructions.

Honestly, even though I purchased with my employee discount, I think it's worth every penny! I've also been eyeing their website and purchasing directly in the future without my discount because I love them so much.

The video instructions were so good, easy to follow, and I liked that I can also print the instructions. The creators clearly put a lot of effort into each kit and the price is worth the quality. Kits range from about $30 to $50 with the pricier ones being collaborations with licensed characters.

For total transparency (my own opinion): I'm not thrilled they have a Harry Potter line. I think JK Rowling is a bigot and we should all stop giving her money. But their other kits are very cute!

What's Next?

I still have three more Woobles kits to make and I have several cuts of fleece that I can make into blankets so I'll probably continue with those. I might try to make some crochet hats but I'm having a lot of fun with these two projects!


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I work at a craft store so I get a discount on craft supplies in this post including the woobles kit, fleece, rotary blade, etc.
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